What Mattresses Do Hotels Use in Australia?

15 September, 2021


The mattress is a key aspect of every hotel chain. Obviously, it is a fixture in every room, but the quality of mattresses varies from chain to chain and so does the customer experience. Hotels buy so many mattresses that some actually have their own custom line designed to their specifications. This allows the hotel to adjust the mattresses to their customer preference. They have proprietary designs for some unique features to differentiate themselves from other hotels. They know that if a customer has a great night sleep on a bed at their hotel, they are more likely to be a repeat customer.

What hotels have found, incidentally, is that some people have such a good night’s sleep that they decide they want the same bed in their home so they can use it every night. This has created an unexpected market for the mattress industry with hotels essentially letting people test out a bed for a few nights while on holiday or travelling for work.

There are many different types of mattresses that are quite successful, indicating that many people have different preferences when it comes to what they like to sleep on. This makes it impossible to choose what mattress is the “best,” because that will vary from person to person.

Hotels have to deal with all of these preferences, so they have to choose a bed that everyone is going to be happy with. The quality of these mattresses do have differences depending on the price of the hotel chain, with the best of the best mattresses being used at Crown properties across the country. The mattresses used at Crown are so good that they have been rated as the best hotel mattress of the year. And who makes the bedding used at Crown? Comfort Sleep. Crown Hotels has partnered with Comfort Sleep for the last five years to make sure that their guests have the best night possible, no matter what happens on the bed.

The Crown brand is known for their luxury and quality, with the Comfort Sleep bedding being no exception. It is made with a premium high density foam on top and features a zoned pocket spring system for support in any sleeping position. Couples would like to know that the partner disturbance rating is very low so you won’t have to worry about waking in the middle of the night because of a restless sleeper. To top it all off, the Comfort Sleep mattresses are Australian made, opposed to simply being assembled in Australia.

Comfort Sleep also provides mattresses to other hotels and serves a wide range of customers with their lineup. Any commercial or residential room will be made better with a mattress from Comfort Sleep. There are lines specific to all sorts of hotels and accommodation types from 5+ star hotels to student accommodation and boarding. Even aged care facilities can find a mattress made specifically for their unique needs.

Hotels all over Australia use Comfort Sleep mattresses because of their comfort and quality. We can target nearly any category or style, including those suffering from back pain. One of their mattresses, the Neoluxe Vantage Silver, was recently voted to be the best for back pain. Our mattresses have consistently high rankings every year so it’s no wonder hotels use Comfort Sleep bedding.

When it comes to luxury hotels, Crown is the most prestigious in Australia, and Comfort Sleep supplies all of their mattresses. It’s fitting that the best hotels in Australia would use the premier mattresses from Comfort Sleep. Providing bedding to commercial spaces is our specialty, but the best hotel mattresses in Australia can easily end up in your bedroom, too.

For premium hotels worldwide, the Penthouse Collection from Comfort Sleep is the range to go for. It has the most advanced technology that will make customers crave the sleep experience over and over again. The proprietary Comfort Foam and EdgeBoost™  technology means that the comfort can be found all over the bed, not just towards the centre of the bed. To help keep you at a comfortable temperature during the night, a layer of Quiltec™ is used because of its thermo-regulation. It has been shown that body temperature can have an impact on quality of sleep, so this extra touch is important.

In the less expensive mattresses, high quality materials are still used. The knitting covering the bed is designer for a luxury look and feel. A high density comfort foam quilt is used because of its durability and comfort. It will help regulate body temperature much the same as the Quiltec™ technology. As with the more premium mattresses, the budget mattresses use a targeted spring system and perimeter edge support to keep customers extra comfortable. With the use of Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) comfort foam, the Comfort Sleep mattresses are a great choice for those concerned about the environment.

Mattresses don’t need to be replaced very often. Most will last seven to eight years. With Comfort Sleep, we have you protected with a 10 year warranty. 10 years is essentially the lifetime of the mattress! You can sleep, eat, nap, and anything else you do in bed knowing that Comfort Sleep has your back should anything fail. We are a Made in Australia company that stands behind their products.

The best mattresses in Australia can be found at the best hotels domestically and around the globe. Comfort Sleep and Crown Hotels have partnered for years to bring the best experience to guests and will continue to do so. The Australian made mattresses have the technology and quality to be used by premier properties, and they will just as well fit into your bedroom. We would love for you to experience a better nights sleep on one of our mattresses.

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