Body Impressions: Good, bad, or part of the routine of getting a new mattress!

2 February, 2022

Let’s talk about body impression and the confusion associated with these changes in the mattress.

Body impressions are normal and needed when you are using a new mattress. Your body weight and shape will constantly compress the layers of foams inside the mattress every night, changing the shape of the bed’s surface. As we usually sleep in a similar position and spot in bed, the body impressions appear in the same area.

Body impressions are not an indication of a faulty mattress. On the contrary, it will confirm that your mattress is providing the comfort and support that your back needs, contouring to your unique body shape and ensuring great spinal alignment.

So what about sagging?

The difference between body impressions and sagging is that the last one is not good for your body and will not allow you to have a restful sleep. When a mattress collapses, the support is no longer there. It will cause you back pain and decrease the quality and quantity of your sleep throughout the night.

In some situations, it is recommended to flip the mattress or rotate it, depending on its construction. However, suppose the dip in your mattress is more than 3.5 cm deep. In that case, you might want to consider contacting the retail store and finding out more about the warranty specifications and possible solutions.

After discussing the difference, we want to say: Do not panic! It is entirely normal to get body impressions in your mattress. They are a positive indication that the layers inside the mattress are working as they should, providing you great support, body contouring, and ensuring a fantastic night’s sleep.

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