What makes a luxurious hotel mattress so unique?

14 March, 2022

As consumers, we encounter ourselves exposed to so many options and offers from hotels and accommodation places every day to enjoy a different experience.

We always pay attention to the view, the hotel facilities, the places around the area and the plans we might organize while we stay there.

In addition, we also think about the comfort of the room and expect to have a restful and fantastic night’s sleep, not knowing all the thought and engineering behind the construction of the luxurious mattress beneath us.

As simple as a mattress might look, it could change our experience as guests from a total success to a literal nightmare.

How is the hotel industry reacting to this?

It is incredible to see the industry response evolving into a 100% customer experience focus. This perspective allows them to align their brand values with the experience, architecture, and interior design to express their identity and what they can offer; it is more than just accomodating guests.

To ensure those unforgettable sleeping experiences, hotels are now introducing a new element: customized and handmade mattresses.

These unique products echoed the type of property, brand guidelines, and brand positioning.

As David Sappupo, director of Comfort Sleep, explains, “Our expertise allows us to determine the type of mattress that will best suit our hotel customers. We want to offer a well-made product that will provide the expected feel.”

The combination of knowledge of the bedding industry and the understanding of each hotel brand will ensure a unique and exclusive mattress, with luxurious elements and style, with the possibility to convert a prospective customer into a hotel brand advocate.

The best part of this new trend is that now hotels are finding a new way to expand the experience for their customers. For example, some of the accommodation centers offer their customers the possibility of getting their mattresses and buying them for their bedrooms.

The opportunity is now available if you are after that “hotel experience” in your house. Luxurious and well-built mattresses are now a “dream come true.”

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