What exactly is customized sleep?



How often have you felt that your sleep quality is not good? We often encounter ourselves checking what makes us have a terrible night’s sleep and impact our daily routine negatively.

They are different reasons why the quality and quantity of sleep could be affected. One of the main factors can be your bed and how suitable it is for you.

Our bodies are very different; Starting from the shape, height, weight, and even the sleeping positions we usually enjoy. All these things make it more important to determine which bed type is right for you.

Today we want to ask you: have you ever considered an adjustable bed base as part of this mix?

Why adjustable bases?

Depending on the construction of the mattress, some of them are already adjustable friendly which means that the edges are flexible and will work perfectly with these dynamic bases. Hence, the benefits, here we would like to explain them to you in more detail:

Enjoyable place to read

As the adjustable beds provide the option to change the shape as you wish, you could elevate the head of the base and make it more comfortable to read before going to sleep.

Snore, Snore

In those situations where you or your partner struggle with snoring, adjusting the elevation of your bed will help relieve it and positively impact any issues related to acid reflux and sleep apnea.

Sore Back or Aching legs?

For those who love to train and exercise, one of the benefits of having an adjustable bed is pressure relief. In addition, some of the adjustable beds offer a Zero Gravity position. As a result, the legs could be elevated, increasing blood circulation and reducing any aching in muscles.

Snooze Button

Suppose you are the type of person that struggles in the morning to wake up. In that case, the adjustable beds offer the option to set the alarm and soothing massage every morning to help you start your day without any complications or delays.

Smartphone connectivity

We have different apps that help us organize our day, responsibilities, and home duties. The adjustable beds are not the exception, and you will be able to create your profile and customize what your bed can do just by moving your finger.

Adjustable beds are not for everyone, but if you are after an innovative way to potentialize the use of your mattress, these power bases are the answer.

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