Pillows: An accessory that could impact your quality of sleep.


We have shared different insights about sleeping, the right bed, and making your bedroom as comfortable as a hotel room.

However, sometimes we disregard the importance of having the right pillow. It is incredible how this little detail could impact our sleep quality every night.

It is easy to find options for pillows, fabrics, and unique features in the market. Today we would like to share our thoughts and provide some recommendations when choosing one.

1. Do you know in which position you are sleeping every night?

As unusual as it might seem, knowing how you usually sleep at night will give you the proper indication of the pillow height you should have.

For instance, some side sleepers need a pillow that covers the space between the neck cavity, providing the proper support for their head.

The neck needs to be aligned with the spine to avoid discomfort or pain in the morning. If the pillow does not provide the right amount of support, your neck will feel the consequences.

2. Make sure your pillow has thermo-regulating fabric

During the night, our body temperature changes, and as a result, having a thermo-regulated pillow will allow you to have a pleasant night’s sleep, not too hot and not too cold.

3. Did you know that the pillow provides 30% comfort while sleeping?

As insignificant as a pillow might seem, they are decisive in achieving a quality night’s sleep. It is also essential to make sure the pillow is changed every 18 months or at least two years; This is roughly the average life spent on any pillow. It will lose its supportive properties after that period.

4. Another thing to consider is pillows infused with essential oils.

It is becoming more common to use these types of accessories to assist with the relaxation of the body and wash away the stress of the day.

To ensure the quality of sleep and less risk of neck and back pains, it would be a great idea to check our pillows and see if they provide the support our neck and upper back needs.

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