What your sleeping position can say about your personality?

4 April, 2022

It is interesting how much information you can get from someone’s body language. Without saying a word, you can get an idea of the personality behavior and create an image in your mind about that person.

However, today we want to talk about how your sleeping position could also give insights into people’s personalities. For example, it can point out: how you relate with others, your temper and how outgoing or shy you can be.

Let’s check the different sleeping positions and their main traits:

Fetal position:

This position is one of the most common ones and could tell you that this person is shy and sensitive. However, while they sometimes present themselves as tough and challenging to reach, they can be amazingly kind and caring.


This sleeping position is where your body is almost in a straight line, putting your weight on one side of your body. In addition, the personality could be social, easy-going, and sometimes naïve or gullible.


This position is quite similar to the fetal one. However, people who sleep in this position usually lie on their side with one arm outstretched, which might look like they are trying to reach for something. In some cases, their personality trails can be suspicious and stubborn with a rational approach to life.


This sleeping position is where you lay on your back with your arms at your sides. People who choose this position are disciplined, rigid, and with high standards of perfection. In some cases, they can be a type-A personality: competitive, ambitious, and domineering.

Stomach Sleeper:

This position is very common. As the name suggests, people tend to sleep facing the mattress and weight on their bellies. The personalities associated with this position are playful and risk-taking; they are usually the “center of the party,” outgoing. As a result, it is easy for them to make friends.


As the name describe it, it is the position where the arms and legs are spread out in different directions, taking up most of the space in the bed. As funny as it seems, they can be greedy with the space when they are sleeping, but they are known as generous, good listeners, and friendly.

You might feel this makes sense for you and the people you know. Everything we do will give insights into our personality, attitude, approach in life, and more. Whatever is your favorite position, the main thing is to achieve a great and quality night’s sleep.

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